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Zelda Fan Club - Read before submitting!

Welcome to Zelda-Fan-Club! All fans of The Legend of Zelda series are welcome to join.

Please read the rules before submitting to the gallery.

• There is a submission limit of 3 deviations per member per week.
• Submit to the appropriate folder (Any deviation submitted to the wrong folder will be declined).
• Mature content must come with a warning.
• If you have a question about something you've submitted, make a comment on your submission stub, not on the front page.
• General inquiries about the group can be made via Group Note.



Club Projects- For submissions pertaining to Zelda-Fan-Club group projects, only.

Literature, Fiction and Comics. If a submission is in written or comic form it belongs in this folder. Regardless of if it is a crossover or if it has OCs.

Crafts. Is for all handmade items that are not flat drawings or cosplays being worn by someone. Zelda OC and Crossover crafts belong in this folder.

Cosplay. Cosplay is for Zelda costumes that are being worn. Someone must be wearing the costume! Even if they cosplay is 100% made by you, if it is being worn it belongs in Cosplay not Crafts.

Stamps, Animations, and Avatars. This is pretty self explanatory.

Holiday Themed. This is for all Holiday themed art, including but not limited to Christmas, Valentines, Easter, ect. If there are OCs or Crossovers present but they are all celebrating a holiday it belongs in this folder.

Original Characters and Alternative Universe. This is for all Original Characters and Alternative Universes. This includes an pictures with any Zelda OCs as well as any non-cannon representation of cannon Zelda Characters. Some examples for this folder are: OC x Cannon Character pairing, modern versions of Cannon characters, original adventures for character (a new lifetime), Ben Drowned, and anything else that is OC and/or non-cannon.

Crossovers. Crossovers not only includes characters from other Games/Movies/TV but also when there is a crossover between Zelda games. Such as WW, TP, and SS Link all hanging out. Smash Brothers, Mario Kart, and other Nintendo games that have crossover elements belong in this folder.

Graphics. This is a folder for wallpapers, buttons, banners, and other such things that are typically made to be used on websites or on your home computer. These are generally created using official artwork but not always.

Screenshots. This can be Screenshots from ANY game. A Sims version of Link belongs here, a Zelda themed room in Animal Crossing belongs here, and screenshots from all Zelda games belong here.

Misc. This is for everything else that does not fit in the above folders. This is also where you put photos of official merchandise. Show off your Zelda collection here!

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A fan group/club for any and all fans of The Legend Of Zelda series!
Founded 5 Years ago
Dec 31, 2009


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Fan Club

10,664 Members
9,293 Watchers
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My life got a bit crazy right after writing that in, so I didn't get around to finishing this up. So I guess there was an extra 2 day extension =P
Anyways, I just wanted to say some things.
:star: Firstly, to those pairs who are finished completely, good job, and hope to see you next time around!
:emailsend: To those partners who have both requested an extension, and have your names italicized, you may carry on until June 7, things will pick back up then.
:pencil: Those who have requested an extension, but have partners who have not requested an extension, it is up to you to converse with your partner to see if you would like to continue the trade, or drop it all together. Please, get back to me immediately on this, because if your partner decides they don't want to follow through, I will  have to find a new match for you!
:bulletred: Whoever is in the situation where you have finished, and your partner has not finished and has not requested any extension, I will be finding you a new partner soon, just to finish of your request. First, I will be contacting the partner just to make sure I'm not in error! It's happened! It was awkward!
:horns: If you have finished, and your partner is listed for extension, please be patient!
:skullbones: Pairs where neither person has asked for an extension, your trade will be deemed dropped within the group, and it is up to you two separately to decide whether or not you want to continue on. Your trade will be considered un-managed and I will not be looking out to make sure you receive your half! I didn't see any of these

Yes I made a lame little legend ;)

We will pick back up here near June 10 to see what else needs to be done!
If you have any questions or concerns, please note me!

The due date is TOMORROW!! Please hurry in now to either send me your piece or ask for an extension. Those who are italicized have requested an extension, with their new due date being JUNE 10. I think I forgot to mention this initially, but if neither partner has finished or requested an extension, I will consider the trade to be dropped! It is up to you 2 to decide whether or not you wish to continue on with the exchange. If you have any questions or concerns please send me a note!! Sometime within the next couple of hours, I may be sending out notes to specific individuals depending on their status and their partners within the exchange!

Make sure you have been able to contact your partner by this time!!
Remember, once you have finished your half, just send it to me in a note. I will then upload it to the group in the folder I have made. Please do not add it to the group yourself, otherwise I have to find it =P Once you're finished, I will strike you off this list to keep track ^^

:emailsend:30:bulletblue: :iconkittermew:Kittermew & 10:bulletgreen: :iconkaidouko:Kaidouko:emailsend:
:star:31:bulletblue: :iconscarletquill:ScarletQuill & 9:bulletblue:   :icona-contorted-rose:A-Contorted-Rose:star:
:emailsend:43:bulletblue: :iconlukaa113:lukaa113 & 57:bulletblue: :iconmega-minx:Mega-Minx:emailsend:
:star:46:bulletgreen: :iconceruleanqueen:CeruleanQueen & 20:bulletblue: :iconxraggsokkenx:xRaggsokkenx:star:
:horns:19:bulletblue: :iconzakatsukuyo:Zakatsukuyo & 41:bulletblue: :iconmiomochi:MioMochi:horns:
:emailsend:6:bulletblue:   :iconkristy-kiri22:Kristy-Kiri22 & 24:bulletblue: :iconrhodanthe-roseora:Rhodanthe-Roseora:emailsend:
:horns:3:bulletblue:   :iconfairyslivehere:FairysLiveHere & 48:bulletblue: :icons-attack:S-Attack:horns:
:star:23:bulletblue: :iconvane--chan:Vane--Chan & 16:bulletblue: :icondivision-6:DIVISION-6 :star:
:star:54:bulletblue: :iconvanevil:VanEvil & 42:bulletblue: :iconxxnami-sanxx:xXNami-sanXx:star:
:star:5:bulletblue:   :iconcathanupto:cathanupto & 32:bulletblue: :iconmakirou:Makirou:star:
:horns:29:bulletblue: :iconevangeline40003:evangeline40003 & 22:bulletblue: :iconmareve-design:Mareve-Design:horns:
:horns:17:bulletblue: :iconlogicalpencils:logicalpencils & 58:bulletblue: :iconcherryshadows:CherryShadows:horns:
:bulletred:34:bulletblue: :icontsukianimegirl:TsukiAnimeGirl & 49:bulletblue: :iconchynesebbq:chyneseBBQ:bulletred:
:star:56:bulletblue: :iconyourwaywarddestiny:YourWaywardDestiny & 50:bulletblue: :iconfiercedeitygirl:FierceDeityGirl:star:
:horns:15:bulletblue: :iconksmanga01:ksmanga01 & 40:bulletblue: :iconjcgurl201:JCgurl201:horns:
:horns:53:bulletblue: :iconrainbowpotionshop:RainbowPotionShop & 14:bulletblue: :iconpika-rue:Pika-Rue:horns:
:pencil:39:bulletblue: :iconbelovedxsacrifice:BelovedxSacrifice & 25:bulletblue: :iconskethraw:Skethraw:pencil:
:star:2:bulletblue:   :iconstaypee:staypee & 8:bulletblue:   :iconfranken-fish:Franken-Fish:star:
:horns:13:bulletblue: :iconixayaxi:IXAYAXI & 44:bulletblue: :iconplatyadmirer:Platyadmirer:horns:
:horns:1:bulletgreen:   :iconmedli96:medli96 & 38:bulletblue: :iconairborne-penguins:Airborne-Penguins:horns:
:star:12:bulletblue: :iconpuccawitch:Puccawitch & 35:bulletblue: :iconlyoth737:lyoth737:star:
:horns:28:bulletgreen: :iconmarezus:Marezus & 37:bulletblue: :iconillien-chan:Illien-chan:horns:
:star:51:bulletblue: :iconhaydenmaye:haydenmaye & 7:bulletblue:   :iconlumiy4:LUMIY4:star:
:star:27:bulletblue: :iconchromel:Chromel & 11:bulletblue: :iconassortedart:AssortedArt:star:
:star:26:bulletblue: :iconverdeal:Verdeal & 52:bulletblue: :iconhylian-sky:Hylian-Sky:star:
:horns:4:bulletblue:   :icontelinkfan1:TeLinkfan1 & 45:bulletblue: :iconbuffalotrident:BuffaloTrident:horns:
:horns:18:bulletblue: :iconhyliasgrace:hyliasgrace & 36:bulletgreen: :icondotted-quaver:Dotted-Quaver:horns:
:pencil:47:bulletblue: :iconk1-brigade:k1-brigade & 33:bulletblue: :iconshellegg:shellegg:pencil:
:emailsend:21:bulletblue: :icono0olaylao0o:o0oLaylao0o & 55:bulletblue: :iconspottedshadowwarrior:Spottedshadowwarrior:emailsend:

That's it, just message your partner to get the trade begun! When you are finished your part,
note the piece to me and I will upload it into the folder and mark you as completed from the list! Thank you! :)

Please let me know if there were any duplicates or if you were missed!

:iconmedli96::iconsays3plz: Hey there, medli96 here!!

It's been awhile since I've done much with the group, I've been so busy with work and school and blah haha

Anyways, I'm thinking we do another art exchange! For anyone who's been here for quite some time, you might know what that means.

But for anyone who doesn't...
Pretty much, you sign up {just comment saying you wanna join or whatever}
And then I pair you with someone. You then discuss what you are going to draw for eachother but it has to be related to Zelda. Yes, Zelda OCs are definitely fine.

Please... don't be rude to your partner!! I have ZERO tolerance for this! and you will be put on the wall of shame for 5 group events!

:bulletred: Sign ups will be closed FRIDAY, APRIL 17
:bulletorange: Matches will be posted sometime around MONDAY, APRIL 20
:bulletyellow: Trades must be finished by MONDAY, MAY 25

A time extension may be given when asked for!

You are responsible for contacting your partner. If for whatever reason you must drop out, please contact me! I will either take your place, or find a replacement partner for you.

With mentioning this, if you are willing to be matched up with an extra person in case something happens and their partner drops out, just mention it when you sign up! Saying this though, there is a chance that if they have already completed their half they wont be drawing for you in return. In such a case it becomes a request. I usually fill these in but just in case there happens to be too many. Hopefully we wont need to worry about it!

Also, if both partners decide that they will be unable to complete the trade, both please send me a quick note saying so and I will drop the trade for you, so you will be free of penalty.

If you do not finish your piece in time without telling me well beforehand, I will add you to our (still currently non-existent) wall of shame, which means you will NOT be allowed to participate in the next 3 group events. You don't want to be the first on that, especially after these years! =P

List of participants:
1:bulletgreen:   :iconmedli96:medli96
2:bulletblue:   :iconstaypee:staypee
3:bulletblue:   :iconfairyslivehere:FairysLiveHere
4:bulletblue:   :icontelinkfan1:TeLinkfan1
5:bulletblue:   :iconcathanupto:cathanupto
6:bulletblue:   :iconkristy-kiri22:Kristy-Kiri22
7:bulletblue:   :iconlumiy4:LUMIY4
8:bulletblue:   :iconfranken-fish:Franken-Fish
9:bulletblue:   :icona-contorted-rose:A-Contorted-Rose
10:bulletgreen: :iconkaidouko:Kaidouko
11:bulletblue: :iconassortedart:AssortedArt
12:bulletblue: :iconpuccawitch:Puccawitch
13:bulletblue: :iconixayaxi:IXAYAXI
14:bulletblue: :iconpika-rue:Pika-Rue
15:bulletblue: :iconksmanga01:ksmanga01
16:bulletblue: :icondivision-6:DIVISION-6
17:bulletblue: :iconlogicalpencils:logicalpencils
18:bulletblue: :iconhyliasgrace:hyliasgrace
19:bulletblue: :iconzakatsukuyo:Zakatsukuyo
20:bulletblue: :iconxraggsokkenx:xRaggsokkenx
21:bulletblue: :icono0olaylao0o:o0oLaylao0o
22:bulletblue: :iconmareve-design:Mareve-Design
23:bulletblue: :iconvane--chan:Vane--Chan
24:bulletblue: :iconrhodanthe-roseora:Rhodanthe-Roseora
25:bulletblue: :iconskethraw:Skethraw
26[Bullet; Blue] :iconverdeal:Verdeal
27[Bullet; Blue] :iconchromel:Chromel
28[Bullet; Green] :iconmarezus:Marezus
29[Bullet; Blue] :iconevangeline40003:evangeline40003
30[Bullet; Blue] :iconkittermew:Kittermew
31[Bullet; Blue] :iconscarletquill:ScarletQuill
32[Bullet; Blue] :iconmakirou:Makirou
33[Bullet; Blue] :iconshellegg:shellegg
34[Bullet; Blue] :icontsukianimegirl:TsukiAnimeGirl
35[Bullet; Blue] :iconlyoth737:lyoth737
36[Bullet; Green] :icondotted-quaver:Dotted-Quaver
37[Bullet; Blue] :iconillien-chan:Illien-chan
38[Bullet; Blue] :iconairborne-penguins:Airborne-Penguins
39[Bullet; Blue] :iconbelovedxsacrifice:BelovedxSacrifice
40[Bullet; Blue] :iconjcgurl201:JCgurl201
41[Bullet; Blue] :iconmiomochi:MioMochi
42[Bullet; Blue] :iconxxnami-sanxx:xXNami-sanXx
43[Bullet; Blue] :iconlukaa113:lukaa113
44[Bullet; Blue] :iconplatyadmirer:Platyadmirer
45[Bullet; Blue] :iconbuffalotrident:BuffaloTrident
46[Bullet; Green] :iconceruleanqueen:CeruleanQueen
47[Bullet; Blue] :iconk1-brigade:k1-brigade
48[Bullet; Blue] :icons-attack:S-Attack
49[Bullet; Blue] :iconchynesebbq:chyneseBBQ
50[Bullet; Blue] :iconfiercedeitygirl:FierceDeityGirl
51[Bullet; Blue] :iconhaydenmaye:haydenmaye
52[Bullet; Blue] :iconhylian-sky:Hylian-Sky
53[Bullet; Blue] :iconrainbowpotionshop:RainbowPotionShop
54[Bullet; Blue] :iconvanevil:VanEvil
55[Bullet; Blue] :iconspottedshadowwarrior:Spottedshadowwarrior
56[Bullet; Blue] :iconyourwaywarddestiny:YourWaywardDestiny
57[Bullet; Blue] :iconmega-minx:Mega-Minx
58[Bullet; Blue] :iconcherryshadows:CherryShadows

If you have any questions, feel free to ask!
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