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Zelda Fan Club - Read before submitting!

Welcome to Zelda-Fan-Club! All fans of The Legend of Zelda series are welcome to join.

Please read the rules before submitting to the gallery.

• There is a submission limit of 3 deviations per member per week.
• Submit to the appropriate folder (Any deviation submitted to the wrong folder will be declined).
• Mature content must come with a warning.
• If you have a question about something you've submitted, make a comment on your submission stub, not on the front page.
• General inquiries about the group can be made via Group Note.



Club Projects- For submissions pertaining to Zelda-Fan-Club group projects, only.

Literature, Fiction and Comics. If a submission is in written or comic form it belongs in this folder. Regardless of if it is a crossover or if it has OCs.

Crafts. Is for all handmade items that are not flat drawings or cosplays being worn by someone. Zelda OC and Crossover crafts belong in this folder.

Cosplay. Cosplay is for Zelda costumes that are being worn. Someone must be wearing the costume! Even if they cosplay is 100% made by you, if it is being worn it belongs in Cosplay not Crafts.

Stamps, Animations, and Avatars. This is pretty self explanatory.

Holiday Themed. This is for all Holiday themed art, including but not limited to Christmas, Valentines, Easter, ect. If there are OCs or Crossovers present but they are all celebrating a holiday it belongs in this folder.

Original Characters and Alternative Universe. This is for all Original Characters and Alternative Universes. This includes an pictures with any Zelda OCs as well as any non-cannon representation of cannon Zelda Characters. Some examples for this folder are: OC x Cannon Character pairing, modern versions of Cannon characters, original adventures for character (a new lifetime), Ben Drowned, and anything else that is OC and/or non-cannon.

Crossovers. Crossovers not only includes characters from other Games/Movies/TV but also when there is a crossover between Zelda games. Such as WW, TP, and SS Link all hanging out. Smash Brothers, Mario Kart, and other Nintendo games that have crossover elements belong in this folder.

Graphics. This is a folder for wallpapers, buttons, banners, and other such things that are typically made to be used on websites or on your home computer. These are generally created using official artwork but not always.

Screenshots. This can be Screenshots from ANY game. A Sims version of Link belongs here, a Zelda themed room in Animal Crossing belongs here, and screenshots from all Zelda games belong here.

Misc. This is for everything else that does not fit in the above folders. This is also where you put photos of official merchandise. Show off your Zelda collection here!

Group Info

A fan group/club for any and all fans of The Legend Of Zelda series!
Founded 5 Years ago
Dec 31, 2009


Group Focus
Fan Club

10,425 Members
9,117 Watchers
121,909 Pageviews
Daily Pageviews
Hi, We're happy to say that we got many awesome works in the gallery! Thank you all who entered and delived! Unfortunately not everyone did, so those who've listed themselves as Angels will be contacted soon!

Got any questions? Contact May-Lene or comment below! :)


Secret Valentine 2015 folder is now open!

I just created the folder for everyone to submit their Secret Valentine piece. Pieces are allowed to be submitted for the entire month. Please remember to @ the person your piece is for, their name was in the note I sent you, and send them a note too. If you are having trouble submitting your piece or have any other questions go ahead and ask them here.

All pieces are due by February 28th 11:59:59 PST. If you find for some reason you will not be able to complete your piece in time please note the group as soon as possible so that an Angel can be assigned to take over in your place.

Everyone has been assigned a Secret Valentine!

All notes have been sent out to the particpants. Your note should be titled "ZFC Valentine Details" and included who you are making a piece for as well as what their preferences are. If you have any questions about the person you have been assigned to, which characters they are talking about, or other concerns please contact by replying to the note. DO NOT contact the person you are making a gift for, it won't be much of a surprise if you contact them. You CANNOT be reassigned. Assignments were totally random. If you did not recieve a note from myself, cutekick, then please send me a note or note the group so that I can send it again.

All pieces are due by February 28th 11:59:59 PST. If you find for some reason you will not be able to complete your piece in time please note the group as soon as possible so that an Angel can be assigned to take over in your place.

Todas las notes han sido enviadas a los participantes. Deberían estar tituladas "ZFC Valentine Details", e incluir a quién le vais a hacer el regalo y sus preferencias. Si teneis alguna pregunta acerca de la persona que se os ha sido asignada, de los personajes que quiere, o cualquier otra duda responded la misma note. No contactéis la persona a quien le vais a hacer el regalo, no sería una sorpresa si les pedís aclaraciones. No podeis ser reasignados. Las asignaciones han sido completamente aleatorias. Si no habéis recibido una note de mi parte, cutekick, por favor envía una note a mí o al grupo para poder enviarla de nuevo.

Todas las piezas deben haber sido entregadas antes del 28 de febrero a las 23:59:59 UTC -8 (hora del Pacífico Norte-Americano). Si por alguna razón sois incapaces de completar vuestra pieza a tiempo, por favor notifica al grupo lo antes posible para que un Ángel sea asignado en vuestro lugar.

Sign-up Closed

Everyone who has signed up should be on the List of Participants below. If you are not please leave a comment about it or note the group as soon as possible. I am going to use a random number generator to assign everyone a Secret Valentine. You should all have a note from me by the 25th. Once you have been notified of who you are making artwork for you can get started on the piece. Remember, do not tell anyone who you are making the piece for! It is a surprise until you post it!

Inscipciones cerradas.

Todos los que se han inscrito deberían estar en la Lista de Participantes más abajo. Si no, por favor deja un comentario al respecto o notifica al grupo lo antes posible. Voy a usar un generador de números aleatorios para asignar a todos un amante invisible. Todos deberías recibir una note mía el día 25. Una vez hayáis comprobado a quién le vais a hacer el regalo, podéis empezar. Recordad, no le digáis a nadie para quién es el regalo, ¡es sorpresa hasta que lo colguéis!

Thank you all for the excitement for a Secret Valentines event! I know we did our last exchange event back in 2012 but  Zelda-Fan-Club is just as excited to have this event. Since we want to give you plenty of time to work on your gift pieces sign-up is going to only be a week long and we are going to allow Valentines to be delivered through the entire month of February.

:heart: Dates :heart:

January 14: Sign-up Starts
January 21: Sign-up closes
January 25: Everyone is notified of who their Valentine is for.
February 1: Secret Valentines folder opens.
February 28: Secret Valentines are due and folder closes.

:heart: Rules :heart:

(Read before signing up!)

:pointr: Everyone who signs up will receive a piece of art but they also must complete a piece. Only sign up if you are sure you can completely a piece based on another's choices within a month. We don't want anyone left without a gift after putting effort into theirs! People who fail to post their gift will be asked to refrain from signing up for future group events.

:pointr: This event is open to both visual artists and writers of all skill levels. Secret Valentines will be assigned randomly. This means whom you will receive a gift from is a total mystery- adding to the fun!

:pointr: Sign-up will be open until January 21st. You cannot signup past this date.Once you have successfully applied you will be added to the list of participants (in this journal).

:pointr: Following the end of sign-up, notes will be sent out with assigned gift recipients and info. Don't tell anyone whose Secret Valentine you are until you've posted your gift. Remember, it's meant to be a surprise!

:pointr: We know some of you can get very heated about pairings you love and disagree with. Since you may be assigned to someone who prefers a pairings you disagree with, art can be created based on your assigned's favorite characters. Pairing artwork is preferred but NOT required.

:pointr: Since this is open to all members artwork must be PG and portray the pairing in a positive way. If you disagree with your assigned's pairing please create a piece around their favorite characters instead.

:pointr: Pairings do not have to be romantic. Please make a note on your application if a pairing is non-romantic and in which way the pairing is preferred. Ex: MC Zelda & MC Link (non-romantic siblings), SS Link and SS Pipit (non-romantic bromance).

:pointr: You are allowed to list a SINGLE OC in ONE of your pairings and TWO OCs in your favorite characters. You must also provide reference images for the OCs. If you do not have a reference image at the time of signup please do not list the OC.

:pointr: Submit your completed gift to the Zelda-Fan-Club Secret Valentines 2015 folder. Then notify your gift recipient and enjoy their reaction! Be sure to uses dA Mentions system with @ username. Please do not post your gift on dA until February 1, even if you finish early.

:pointr: You must have been a member of this group BEFORE the journal asking if their was interest was posted.

:pointr: If your dA account is less than 1 month old, has an empty gallery, or a gallery filled with items in violations of dA rules you are not allowed to participate.

:pointr: All gifts should be posted by February 28th 11:59:59 PM PST. Late gifters will receive a reminder by note and be given one week to respond and renegotiate a deadline. If there is no response or the participant is unable to complete their gift, we will enlist the help of an "Angel".

Angels are artists willing to contribute an extra gift in the case that someone's Secret Valentine falls through. All volunteers for this position are greatly appreciated.

:heart: How to apply :heart:

Complete this form and leave it in a comment below. Do not comment anywhere else with this information. You will only be signed up if you comment on THIS journal. While dA allows you to edit comments we ask that you do not edit your comment once it has been accepted. You may be asked to edit your comment if there is anything unclear about your application but do not edit them once they have been accepted by a group admin.

-Your favorite 3 Zelda pairings: (Be sure to include which games each character is from. ex:SS Link & SS Zelda, SS Link and HW Midna, OoT Saria & WW Fado)
-Your favorite 4-6 Zelda characters: (No more than 6 characters but at least 4! Be sure to include which games each character is from.)
-Valentine Zelda themed Puns: Encouraged/Allowed/Disliked (Choose one.)
-Will you be an Angel? (Only say yes if you are sure you can get a piece done within the first two weeks of March)
-I have fully read, understood, and agree to the rules of the event: I agree/I disagree (Choose one.)

:heart: Looking for translators :heart:

Since dA is an international community and not everyone speaks English I am asking for help from anyone that is bilingual or multilingual. We will need the rules and application translated from English. I will greatly appreciate any help with this. Please send the group a note with what language you can translate into and about how long you expect it to take.

If you do not speak English please leave a comment with what language you would like the rules translated into and we will do our best to find someone to help.

Any questions can be posted below. We hope you will join in this event and help make it a success!

:heart: In Spanish thanks to IXAYAXI :heart:

¡Gracias todos por la emoción para un evento del amigo invisible de San Valentín (o amante invisible)! Sé que hicimos el último evento de intercambios en 2012, pero Zelda-Fan-Club está igual de emocionado. Dado que queremos daros plenitud de tiempo para trabajar en vuestro regalo, las inscripciones van a estar abiertas una semana y vamos a permitir que los regalos sean entregados durante todo el mes de febrero.

:heart: Fechas :heart:

14 de enero: se abren las inscripciones.
21 de enero: se cierran las inscripciones.
25 de enero: todo el mundo es notificado acerca de a quién van a hacerle el regalo.
1 de febrero: se abre la carpeta de San Valentín.
28 de febrero: se termina el evento y la carpeta se cierra.

:heart: Normas :heart:

(Leer antes de inscribirse)

:pointr: Todo el mundo que participe recibirá una pieza de arte, pero han de completar una a su vez. Inscribiros solo si estáis segurs de que podéis crear una pieza basada en los gustos de otra persona en un plazo de un mes. No queremos dejar a nadie sin regalo después de haberse esforzado. A la gente que falle a la hora de colgar su regalo se le recomendará abstenerse de futuros eventos.

:pointr: Este evento está abierto a artistas visuales y escritores de cualquier nivel por igual. Los amantes invisibles se asignarán aleatoriamente. Esto quiere decir que de quién recibirás un regalo en un misterio, añadiendo más diversión.

:pointr: Las inscripciones estarán abiertas hasta el 21 de enero. Pasado esta fecha nadie más podrá participar. Una vez te hayas dado de alta definitivamente, se te añadirá a la lista de participantes, en este mismo journal.

:pointr: Al terminar el plazo de inscripción, se enviarán notes indicando a quién le haréis el regalo y más información. No le cuentes a nadie de quién eres amante invisible hasta que hayas colgado tu regalo. Recordad, ¡tiene que ser una sorpresa!

:pointr: Sabemos que algunos pueden ser muy apasionados o exaltarse con las parejas que os encantan o las que no os gustan. Dado que puede ser que seáis asignads con alguien que prefiere parejas que no os agradan, podéis basar vuestro regalo en los personajes favoritos de esa persona. Las obras sobre parejas son preferibles, pero NO obligatorias.

:pointr: Dado que el evento está abierto a todos los miembros, las obras deben ser apropiado para todos los públicos y mostrar la pareja de una manera positiva. Si no estás de acuerdo con la pareja que se os ha asignado, haced una obra sobre sus personajes favoritos.

:pointr: Las parejas no tienen por qué ser románticas. Por favor explicad en vuestro comentario de alta si las parejas no son románticas, y en ese caso, de qué manera veis a la pareja. Por ej.: MC Zelda x MC Link (no romántico, fraternal), SS Link x SS Coocker/Pipit (no romántico, colegas).

:pointr: Está permitido nombrar UN solo personaje original (OC) en UNA de vuestras parejas, y DOS OC en los personajes favoritos. En ese caso, debéis proporcionar imágenes de referencia de vuestros OCs. Si no contáis con referencias a la hora de participar, por favor absteneros de incluirlos.

:pointr: Colgad vuestro regalo finalizado en la carpeta Secret Valentines 2015 del grupo. Notificad en ese momento al receptor de vuestro regalo, ¡y disfrutad de su reacción! Aseguraos de usar el sistema de menciones de dA para notificarles; @ nombreusuario (sin espacios). Por favor, no colguéis las obras hasta el 1 de febrero, incluso si termináis antes.

:pointr: Debéis haber sido miembros del grupo desde ANTES de que se publicara el journal preguntando si había interesados para poder participar.

:pointr: Si vuestra cuenta de dA tiene menos de un mes, la galería está vacía, o una galería llena de infracciones la reglas de dA, no se os está permitido participar.

:pointr: Todos los regalos deberían estar colgados antes del 28 de febrero a las 23:59:59 UTC -8 (hora del Pacífico Norte Americano). A las personas que no lo entreguen a tiempo se les enviará un recordatorio en una note, y tendrán una semana para responder y negociar una nueva fecha de entrega. Si no se recibe ninguna respuesta o el participante es incapaz de completar su regalo, pediremos ayuda a un “Ángel”.


Los Ángeles son artistas que desean contribuir con un regalo extra en caso de que falle el amante invisible de otra persona. Toda la ayuda es bienvenida.

:heart: Cómo participar :heart:

Completad el siguiente formulario en un comentario de este mismo journal. No comentéis con esta información en ningún otro lugar. Aunque dA permite editar comentarios, os pedimos que no editéis una vez ya estáis aceptados en el evento. Tal vez se os pida de editar el comentario si hay algo que no queda del todo claro, pero no lo hagáis una vez han sido aceptados por los administradores del grupo.


Tus 3 parejas favoritas: (Aseguraos de que especificáis a qué juego pertenecen, p.ej.: SS Link x SS Zelda, SS Link x HW Midna, OoT Saria x WW Fado …)
Tus 4-6 personajes favoritos: (No más de 6 pero 4 al menos. Aseguraos de que especificáis a qué juego pertenecen.)
Juegos de palabras de San valentín y Zelda: Lo recomiendo/ No me molesta / No me gusta (escoged una)
¿Quieres ser un Ángel? (Aceptad solo si estáis segurs de que podéis completar una pieza en las dos primeras semanas de marzo.)
He leído en su totalidad, entendido y acepto las normas del evento: estoy de acuerdo/no estoy de acuerdo (escoged una)


Cualquier pregunta puede ser comentada abajo. ¡Esperamos que os unáis a este evento y ayudéis a que sea un éxito!

:heart:  :iconzelda-fan-club: :heart:

List of Participants
1. Paper-Plate (Angel)
2. Tulpen-Teufel
3. Art-Zealot
4. May-Lene (Angel)
5. Lunasatomi
6. OniHelix
7. evangeline40003
8. Puccawitch
9. TeLinkfan1 (Angel)
10. Sarthemasochist (Angel)
11. PricelessProtoplasm
12. Scolanlc (Angel)
13. AssortedArt
14. haydenmaye
15. JCgurl201 (Angel)
16. 2cutekitty
17. IXAYAXI (Angel)
18. SugarBubbles2000
19. LUMIY4 (Angel)
20. Rhodanthe-Roseora (Angel)
21. Angelstar7
22. A-Contorted-Rose
23. AwesomeBlossomPossum
24. UltimateIfrit
25. Chanela-chanelita (Angel)
26. BelovedxSacrifice (Angel)
27. Cloudnixus (Angel)
28. Championx91
29. limebaron (Angel)
30. kristalwaterfairy
31. SugaryDeath
32. Geora
33. Zakatsukuyo (Angel)
34. shibblesgiggles01
35. o0oLaylao0o (Angel)
36. Kristy-Kiri22
37. Anilede (Angel)

Angels Only
1. OneiricOstrich
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