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Submitted on
October 24, 2012


5 (who?)
If you haven't received your gift yet and would like an update you can send the group a note. We're working to ensure everyone receives a gift, even if it is late!

*Jan 1st Update: All Secret Santa gifts are due today! If you have not yet submitted your gift and there is an issue with submitting on time, please note the group so that something can be arranged. Thanks to all those who have participated, and happy new year!


*Nov 20th Update: The Secret Santa folder has been opened early to provide for those who have already finished their gift. Submit here:…. For the rest of you, you still have 41 days to complete your gifts!

*Nov 8th Update: All notes have now been sent out with Secret Santas' recipients! Enjoy your gift making, and if you have any questions don't hesitate to ask. If you accidentally deleted your note from your message box, don't worry! You can still see it by going here:… .


Thank you everyone for your enthusiastic response to the idea of a Secret Santa event! Zelda-Fan-Club is excited to bring you this opportunity.  Since we want to give everyone plenty of time to complete their gifts, sign-up will go from October 24th to November 1st.


October 24: Sign-up starts
November 1: Sign-up ends
November 2-8: Secret Santas are assigned and contacted
December 1: Secret Santa folder opens
January 1: Secret Santa folder closes, gifts due


(Read before signing up!)

:pointr: This event is open to both visual artists and writers of all skill levels. Secret Santas will be assigned randomly. This means whom you will receive a gift from is a total mystery- adding to the fun!

:pointr: Sign-up will be open until November 1st. Once you have successfully applied you will be added to the list of participants (in this journal).

:pointr: Following the end of sign-up, replies will be sent out with assigned gift recipients and info. Don't tell anyone whose Secret Santa you are until you've posted your gift. Remember, it's meant to be a surprise!

:pointr: Submit your completed gift to the Zelda-Fan-Club Secret Santa 2012 folder. Then notify your gift recipient and enjoy their reaction!

:pointr: All gifts should be posted by January 1st, 9pm EST. Late gifters will receive a reminder by note and be given one week to respond and renegotiate a deadline. If there is no response or the participant is unable to complete their gift, we will enlist the help of an "Angel".

Angels are artists willing to contribute an extra gift in the case that someone's Secret Santa falls through. All volunteers for this position are greatly appreciated. Please comment on this journal if you are interested.

*Please sign up for this event only if you can commit yourself to completing your gift by the deadline.* We don't want anyone left without a gift after putting effort into theirs! People who fail to post their gift will be asked to refrain from signing up for future group events.

:snowflake:How to apply:snowflake:

Complete this form and send it to Zelda-Fan-Club by note:

- Your favorite Zelda game(s):
- Up to 6 favorite characters (any LoZ game):
- Up to 3 favorite pairings or friendships (any LoZ game):
- The thing you like most about the LoZ universe:
- Medium(s) you will be using to make your gift:

*Note: Applicants with empty galleries or galleries with deviations in violation of dA rules will be denied participation. Please check to make sure you do not fall into this category before applying.

Any questions can be posted below. We hope you will join in this event and help make it a success!


List of Participants

1. akatsukicloud227
2. Jigglepuffpuff
3. Kurama-chan (Angel)
4. Danielle-chan
5. UltimateIfrit (Angel)
6. I-drew-a-pokemon (Angel)
7. lyoth737
8. Oshiruko
9. Val-Krayon
10. AlexLongclaw
11. twilight-ann
12. ZAFTs-Prince (Angel)
13. BeckyLoves-x (Angel)
14. PACHARCHAR (Angel)
15. xStarscapex
16. Mini-Nate
17. Umwak
18. Eums10 (Angel)
19. tigerwolf44 (Angel)
20. Dsitt7
21. Kittermew
22. Art-Zealot
23. Chibifrijja
24. Terlia (Angel)
25. Zeldafreek102 (Angel)
26. TheLawOfZeroDivision
27. 23-dead-batteries (Angel)
28. Allendra3 (Angel)
29. o0oLaylao0o
30. TheReigndeer
31. akctb11
32. AuraGemi
33. chyneseBBQ (Angel)
34. Grilled-cheeese
35: shmad380
36. TheMistOfThePast
37. Meaghz
38. mrzero777
39. sdmarquez
40. AllRocksGoToHeaven
41. zeldainuyashalover
42. DeathlyTriforce
43. cerasly
44. Anilede (Angel)
45. Alcea-art
46. Fainttos
47. MicoNutziri
48. shadowprincess104
49. Koto-wari
50. Galoen (Angel)
51. MrPapaya
52. Leoma-silfren
53. lukaa113
54. Link-of-the-twilight
55. BlackThunder-chan
56. ripley4O77
57. O-oBWHAHAhaO-o
58. Kih-Nagasah
59. Anarchion
60. AceTheSpade
61. Twillywho
62. sherbertday
63. StillBurning
64. Tigrexkiller777
65. midnightgates
66. Alice-Abyss
67. khfan12 (Angel)
68. Just-Me143
69. RJWoody
70. Geovanni-Eklipz (Angel)
71. MaxWIllustration
72. LizbethLizard
73. TarouFish
74. iure-san
75. Nummonkee (Angel)
76. Geora (Angel)
77. AxeMan5
78. Stephonika-W-Kaye
79. Lumdrop (Angel)
80. KNO-108
81. Rozanslash
82. Taayasha
83. Momokoi

Additional angels


Q. Are OCs allowed?
A. Zelda universe OCs can be included on your form as long as most of the mentioned characters are canon. Please include a link to reference of your character(s) if you do so. This is not an OC-central event, therefore focus should remain on canon characters.

Q. How long should my piece of writing be?
A. There are no strict guidelines for poetry, but short stories should be between 300 and 2000 words. If you make them longer, please try to keep the reading time around 10 minutes.
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Jigglepuffpuff Featured By Owner Jan 16, 2013  Student Digital Artist

i was just wondering if everyone has had their gifts yet 'cause i haven't had mine yet
Phinnimonster Featured By Owner Jan 16, 2013   General Artist
Hi *Jigglepuffpuff,
We're still waiting on some of the gifts. Your Santa was sick over the holidays so they fell behind on completing their gift, but they said they will get it done this month. (:
Jigglepuffpuff Featured By Owner Jan 17, 2013  Student Digital Artist
ok i understand it's not nice being sick

thank you :)
RJWoody Featured By Owner Dec 30, 2012
hey guys i know it was really stupid of me but i accidentally deleted my secret santa details and the person im doing it for D: if i could get a note in it then il be able to upload my prezzy for them, my numbers 69. cheers!
Nummonkee Featured By Owner Dec 31, 2012  Hobbyist General Artist
just go to this group's main page and click notes. the note with the details should be there!
RJWoody Featured By Owner Dec 31, 2012
its ok mate, iv sorted it :D happy new year :D
Nummonkee Featured By Owner Dec 31, 2012  Hobbyist General Artist
oh ok, you too! ^_^
Alice-Abyss Featured By Owner Dec 30, 2012  Student Digital Artist
My internet is playing up - I can't upload things but it's getting fixed on the 1st or 2nd of Jan so I can't upload my secret Santa till then :/ sorry!
Phinnimonster Featured By Owner Dec 30, 2012   General Artist
Hey, that's okay, as long as you get it in! If the folder is closed when you're ready to submit, just send the group a note and it can be added manually. (:
Kih-Nagasah Featured By Owner Dec 25, 2012
:iconlazywaveplz:Just wanted to say this was an awesome event to take part. I totally loved making my drawing (was kind of unexpected!) and I'll go and check all of the drawings in the secret Santa's folder later. It's so nice seeing strangers go all "Merry christimas, here is a present!" to eachother c':

Just thinking someone I don't know is taking some time of their lives to make me a christimas present makes me feel very happy, gee :iconawwwplz:
I hope we can have this next year :iconaawplz:
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